Bespoke Painted Matt with Quartz Worktops

The design for this kitchen was very much about accessibility. There are only 2 base/tower units that are not drawers or do not have a pullout or wirework. It is often overlooked in kitchen design how easy it is to retieve items and put them away again.

At busy times anyone is far more likely to put something away if it is easy to do so. This means less cluttered worktops, happier people and hopefully translates into improved culinary skills.

The Siemens induction hob and extractor are a real focal point in this kitchen. What can't be seen is the correct sized 125mm ducting in the ceiling space that makes the extractor work efficiently. It was particularly difficult to install in this case because the stairs were in the way of an easy route.

Attention to detail with extractor ducting is not only vital for efficiency, it also results in quieter extractors and a longer service life.

Two single Miele ovens were chosen to provide more cooking space and flexibility than a single double oven. The units to the side of the ovens are larder units that house Blum Space Towers.

The doors in the kitchen are bespoke painted matt and are available in any colour. They are also available in the off the shelf standard colours with standard colour palettes typically ranging from 15-30 colours depending on the door manufacturer.

The Blum Space Towers in the larder units either side of the oven units provide a really accessible storage solution. Each drawer can be opened individually which is considerable easier than opening a full height single unit. It consists of 5 deep drawers and 1 lower height drawer on top.

The Space Tower is available using Blum Antaro internal drawers (as shown in pictures) or Blum Legrabox internal drawers.

Customer Testimonial: With Andy you are getting a personal service without an excessive price. The cabinets are good quality when compared to others on the market so make sure you are comparing like for like. As Andy is designing and installing, it all works, as he's looking at both point of views, designer and installer and he knows what will work and what won't from a practical point of view. Rather than being designed in a showroom and someone totally different fitting it. We would use him again and would recommend him to others without hesitation.

Blum Orga-Line accessories complement Blum Antaro drawer boxes. The image above shows Orga-Line plate holders.

Left Drawer: Blum Orga-Line Utensil Insert

Right Drawer: Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Insert

The cutlery inserts are made from stainless steel and can be removed individually and washed in a dishwasher.