Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet specification is often overlooked when having to make the myriad of choices involved in choosing a new kitchen. The importance of good quality cabinets cannot be overstated. It is one of the main reasons that your kitchen will still look good in 10 years time. All cabinets are made in East Sussex and are built to order to the following specification.

  • Cabinets are available in over 100 colours enabling colour matching to most doors. The range includes everything from solid colours to highly stylish textured woodgrains.
  • Manufactured using high quality 18mm Egger board. Egger is an Austrian company that manufactures high quality materials for the furniture industry. Cabinets are more durable and fixings hold so much better in denser materials resulting in your kitchen looking good for years.
  • 18mm solid tops and backs are used make the cabinets much stronger
  • A hard and durable ABS 2mm front edge is used on cabinets and shelves to protect against damage from knocks.
  • Hinge backplates use plastic dowels providing a more secure fixing than screws fixed directly into the board. This means doors will stay in alignment.
  • Factory Assembled Rigid Construction using glue and dowel method, providing greater rigidity and strength. (Used by the leading kitchen manufacturers in Europe.)


  • All drawers and hinges are Blum soft close with a lifetime guarantee for extra peace of mind.
  • Drawers available in Antaro & Legrabox style with either plastic cutlery trays or the stylish Blum Ambia-Line or Orga-Line cutlery and utensil inerts.
Matt and Gloss Handleless Kitchen - Sussex

Cabinets Sizes & Options

The diagrams below give an insight into the wide range of sizes available. Towers are available in 4 different heights, wall units in 5 different heights. Any standard unit can be customised by a height, width or depth change (or 2 or 3 options) to provide affordable bepsoke sizes. The standard 50mm rear service void on base cabinets can be reduced to provide more internal cabinet space if the service void isn't required.

Special Units

Standard units can be modified simply with a width, depth or height change by a instruction to the factory. The cost for each dimension change is £25.

Special units require a drawing to be sent to the factory for approval and sign off. The total cost of a modified unit (design & any additional materials) beyond the cost of the standard unit that it is based on typically varies between £50 - £125. This provides the option for a very affordable bespoke kitchen. As the standard range is so extensive special units are either not needed or there may be one or two on a typical kitchen.

The attached drawing is an example of a standard larder unit (L40/21) that is modified to suit the installation of a 5 drawer Blum Space Tower.

The modifications in this case to a standard larder unit are:

  • Move the fixed shelf to a higher position to accomodate larder inserts.
  • Do not drill standard hinge holes as different positions are used for a Blum Space Tower.
  • Do not drill standard shelf holes as they are not required.
  • Change the standard Blum hinges to zero protusion hinges.

This service can be used for a variety of options including customised towers to suit unusual appliance configurations.

The image below is the finished result in the customer's kitchen.