Bespoke Kitchen with 2 door styles

This kitchen has 2 door styles. The blue doors are a bespoke painted colour (Mylands Morning Blue No. 32). The rest of the doors are Egger doors (18mm thick Egger Navarra Ash H1250 ST36) The same material is used for all the cabinets.

The bookshelf on the end of the island is a bespoke sized unit. It was based on a stock item and I instructed my cabinet manufacturer to alter the depth and width to suit the space. Simple dimension changes to stock items provide a lot of design flexibilty at an affordable cost.

This combination of cabinets houses an 800mm wide Blum Legrabox Space Tower behind the double doors. It is made from 8 separate cabinets, 6 of which are stock sizes. Two of the cabinets are based on a stock size with a dimension change to allow the combination to be built using stock sized doors, keeping costs to a minimum.

The Blum Space Tower is basically 4 pan drawers and 1 cutlery drawer, all with an internal front. It is a popular larder solution as all the drawers can be pulled out indivdually for easy access. Both the shelves in the open display unit have recessed spotlight that is routed into the cabinet so it sits virtually fush (1.5mm protrusion) and all the supply cables are completed hidden using a puck lighting jig.

The ply shelves have LED strip lights routed into them. The lighting channels only protrude beneath the shelves by 1.5mm so they are unobtrusive. The supply cables are completely hidden by using a puck lighting jig. The same technique has been used on the bottom of the wall cabinets, negating the need for lighting pelmet. All the lights in the kitchen are fully programmable from a mobile phone and can also be convenient controlled from a 4 gang wall switch, enabling instant access to different lighting scenarios or dimming of separate parts or the whole system.

This a 2300mm high x 150mm wide, bottle rack, spice rack and tray space to match the height of the towers in the rest of the kitchen. It is made from 3 cabinets, 2 are stock sizes and one has had a height dimension change from a stock size. The wirework in the bottom 2 units is from Peka, a good quality Swiss manufacturer. The spice rack has 4 levels that were designed to fit in a taller unit. It was modified during the installation to fit all 4 racks into a shorter unit. All 3 units can be accessed independently.