True Handleless with Quartz Worktops - Meads, Eastbourne

This project is a kitchen and utility room in the Meads area of Eastbourne. The design brief was to create a clean modern look. The wall cabinets have no cornice or lighting pelmet to facilitate this. However it was still possible to install LED lighting above and below the wall cabinets by using low profile lighting tracks that are routed into the cabinets. These protrude by less than 2mm. Lights were also installed below the front edge of the worktop

The worktops are 20mm quartz with dropdown ends and the reduced thickness helps to create the clean modern look.

Customer testimonial for this project: “From start to finish, Andy looked after us. To get the right kitchen, designed and installed by the right person can be a stressful and difficult road to go down - but with Andy Austen's expertise, professionalism and knowledge and a knack of things looking right - we now have a really great kitchen, well designed and installed.”

This image really highlights the excellent gloss finish on the doors. I go to great lengths to select the best combination of quality and value from a variety of different door manufacturers and always test doors before using them. The best test is to do what manufacturers recommend not to to do and that is to vigorously clean a sample door using a kitchen scourer. It soon highlights the doors that aren't of a suitable quality.

Cabinets are made locally in East Sussex and are available in over 100 colours. This enables colour matching of doors and cabinets. The cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes/styles and all of them can be eaily modified by the factory to create affordable bespoke options. Further details can be found here:

The remote in the image is what really enhances the lighting system. This kitchen has lights above the units (uplights), under cabinet lights and under worktop lights. All the lights can be turned on or off using the mains lighting switch or the main power button on the remote. They can also be turned on or off and dimmed individually using the C1-C6 buttons on the remote. This enables a user to set the perfect lighting scenario for different tasks or moods. It is then easy to store that scenario for future use by pressing and holding one of the buttons S1, S2 or S3 for 4 seconds. Once the lights flash it indicates that the scenario is stored. It is then easy to change lighting scenarios for different tasks or moods with a single click of the S1, S2 or S3 buttons.

It is hard to overstate what a difference this lighting system can make to a kitchen and it is almost always the part of my installations that customers are most excited by once a job has been completed. The system is from a German manufacturer and has a lifetime warranty.

This kitchen is available in a matt and a gloss finish. (7 gloss colours and 5 matt colours)