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The kitchen in these pictures is a traditional style painted oak kitchen with granite worktops and contrasting natural oak style cabinets. (A colour matched cabinet is also available for this range.)


One of the main features of the kitchen was the Britannia 1200mm Professional hob. It produces up to 21Kw of heat so efficient extraction was a requirement. The mantel above the hob which houses a Westin twin fan extractor also needed to be practical and include as much cupboard space as possible. This was achieved by using dresser units either side of the hob and custom wall cupboards spanning the gap which were used to house the extractor and also provide storage space.

Main View of kitchen

Britannia Professional Hob and Westin High Capacity Extractor

The Westin SPC-1100/2 twin fan extractor was chosen after consultation with Westin's technical department. It extracts at up to 2000 cubic metres per hour. Extractors in mantels tend to be less efficient as they don't cover the front burners of the hob that well and consequently the extractor has to bend the air from this area. Twin fans help that process.

Westin also make a range of custom build extractors. In this kitchen they made the stainless steel splashback and bottom cover for the wall cabinets with a cutout to house the extractor as seen in the picture below.

Britannia Hob


Mantel Design


The pictures to the left and above show how much storage space was achieved in the mantel design. The middle cupboard has a dummy door and is only used to access the extractor for servicing. They also show the extractor vents which are a vitally important part of any extractor design. It is extremely important to ensure that these are as large as possible with the minimum of bends. This is often overlooked when fitting extractors and can lead to poor performance and the fan motors can burn out if the ducting is too small.


Kitchen Bins Le Mans Carousel

The pictures above show some of the storage options that were fitted inside the cupboards. An extensive range of wirework is available to maximise the practical useable space in wall and floor cabinets. The LeMans carousel above is a particular favourite as it really makes good use of the space in a corner cupboard and accessing the contents is considerably easier.