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Cabinet specification is often overlooked when having to make the myriad of choices involved in choosing a new kitchen. The importance of good quality cabinets cannot be overstated. It is one of the main reasons that your kitchen will still look good in 10 years time.

All our cabinets are manufactured from high density 18mm thick Egger board. Most cabinets are 18mm thick but it is the density of the material that is so important for strength and durability. This provides additional strength and ensures good, long term screw retention on hinges so your doors will remain perfectly aligned for years and years.

COLOUR MATCHING STANDARD - All cabinets can be colour matched (colour chart here) to the doors or a contrasting cabinet colour can be chosen if preferred.

BLUM DRAWERS STANDARD - All drawer boxes are metal sided and soft closing and manufactured by Blum.

BUILT TO ORDER - Each cabinet is built to order for its specific purpose. This reduces our manufacturer's need for expensive storage facilities which keeps costs down and quality high. It also means thet the standard range of cabinets is far larger than most other manufacturers.

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE - If a cabinet from the vast standard range doesn't suit your requirement, custom size cabinets can be built. This is an inexpensive option and custom sized cabinets are typically no more than £20-£30 more than the nearest sized standard cabinet.

RIGID CONSTRUCTION - The cabinets are supplied pre-assembled and are manufactured using the glue and dowel construction method which provides greater rigidity and strength. This is the same as those employed by the leading kitchen manufacturers in Europe.

SOFT CLOSE STANDARD - All doors are supplied with Blum soft close hinges.

HARD WEARING - All cabinets have a 2mm PVC strip protecting the front edge of the cabinet which resists wear and tear and knocks.


This shows some of the most common cabinet colours available from the Egger range.

Cabinet Colours