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Ply Tool Tower

I built this tool tower to reduce the space I use on site. I wanted have everything I needed for an installation in one place without repeated trips to the van or having separate toolboxes taking up space on site.

I made the base using 12mm ply and mounted it on castors to make it easy to move around. It measures 50cms x 40 cms giving a total footprint of 0.2m. The toolboxes are made by Tanos who are a sister company to Festool. The top grey box houses all my handtools with a custom made insert that I built for the job. The bottom two boxes are Tanos Sortainers and are used for all my screws and fixings, router bits, drill bits, holecutters etc. The pictures at the bottom of this page demonstrate how much the system can house.

The ply base is used to mount larger items that are always tricky to find a home for when working on site. This includes spirit levels (1 x1800mm, 1 x 1200 1 x 600, 2 x 400), Festool guide rails, clamps, silicon tubes, silcon gun, metre rulers, hand saws, hacksaw and large Trend square. It's easy to add hooks or brackets and to modify the frame for specific items as the frame is ply.

Perfect Toolbox
Tools in use

The custom insert below which is used for hand tool storage in the top grey box was made using square downpipe and 6mm ply. It was glued using mitre adhesive and PU adhesive. There a no screws and it has withstood 2 years of site use without any problems.

Custom Insert
Hand Tool Contents

Screws and Fixings

Levels and Clamps