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Everyone looks forward to having a new kitchen or bathroom but but it does have an impact on daily living. This page details some of the things that I do to make an installation enjoyable.


It would be no exaggeration to say that my customers absolutely love this sink. It is available from day one right up until your new sink is fitted and working. It's no fun being without a sink whilst your kitchen is being installed so I decided to design and build a portable sink when I couldn't find a suitable off the shelf solution.

It is connected via steel braided washing machine hoses and a flexible waste and the unit is mounted on locking castors. Connection is quick and simple. The images below show the sink in use on some of my installations.

If a utility room is available, this is left alone until the main kitchen has been fitted so a sink is always available.


It's no fun being without cooking facilities during a kitchen install. Takeaways and microwave meals rapidly lose their appeal. Most people set up a temporary kitchen and I have a portable two ring electric hob available on free loan. This adds so much versatility to a temporary kitchen.

Microwaves, slow cookers, toasters, saucepan steamer sets and George Foreman grills are also very useful.

portable mini hob


I do everything I can to keep a site clean, tidy and dust free. All my tools connect to a Festool professional dust extractor which virtually eliminates the dust caused by cutting, routing and sanding operations.

My key tools are also Festool. They are renowned as the best manufacturer in the world for portable woodworking equipment with a strong emphasis on extremely efficient dust extraction.

The image on the right shows my Festool TS55 circular saw with the Festool CT26 dust extractor below the bench. The extractor hose connects to the tool and also incorporates a power lead. When you power up the tool the extractor automatically starts and removes the dust. The Festool UK website and the Festool Owners Group are worth a look for anyone who appreciates seriously good tools.

professional dust extractor


Most people set up a temporary kitchen somewhere in the house during an install. This could be as simple as a table with a kettle, microwave and toaster.

It is also possible to use some of the old kitchen units and worktops to create a temporary kitchen. Space may be available in a garage linked via an internal door, a conservatory or other room. I will always look into this and where possible set up a temporary kitchen using your old units.

temporary kitchen


It takes a lot of specialist tools to fit a kitchen to a high standard and these can seem to take over your house. This can be counter productive for an installer as well. More tools require more organisation and it is easy to spend large parts of the day moving things around to make space for the next job on the list.

It's fair to say that I have invested a lot of time and money in looking for the perfect toolbox system over the years. I have settled on the Festool Systainer & Sortainer system and it provides a level of organisation and efficiency not available with any other system. It's unique stacking system enables more tools and consumables to be stored in a smaller footprint resulting in the right working method or component always being used leading to better installation standards.

The mobile tool tower in the picture on the right houses my main tools and consumables. The base is 50 cms x 40 cms (total footprint - 0.2m) It's easy to move around as it is mounted on castors and houses a lot of tools in a very small footprint. It makes my working life so much more efficient and seriously reduces the space I take up in people's homes.

I've included a few more details and pictures to demonstrate just how much it can house in a small space.

Perfect Toolbox


Carpet Protector

All carpets and floors are properly protected. Roll & Stroll is used for carpets which is a 600mm wide self-adhesive plastic sheet on a roll. It is particularly useful on stairs where dust sheets become a trip hazard.

Hard floors are protected using 8x4 corruagted plastic sheets like the one on the right. These are easy to cut into shape using a Stanley knife and joined together using gaffer tape. Kitchen floors are often installed before kitchen units are installed and I always protect a floor properly before the installation continues.

antinox sheet


I carry out the vast majority or work myself and am always on site but I do rely on sub-contractors for a few specialist tasks. Part P electricians do all my electrical work and certify it accordingly. I do my own plumbing but use a Gas Safe plumber for hob connections etc. I use a plasterer for larger plastering jobs. It is vital that they fit into the schedule at the right times so I look after all my sub-contractors well and pay them promptly. They are always given plenty of warning of project timescales and that way there is no downtime waiting for people. It's simple, I look after them and they look after me.